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24 February 2014


On February 22nd, my mom was killed in a car accident.

I will be away from this blog for a few weeks, and I will be skipping February's read along.  I'm not sure about March, yet.  Love and Peace to you all.

Linda Shea
13 December 1949 - 22 February 2014

17 February 2014

A poem from an Argentine

The Story of My Death
By Leopoldo Lugones 
(trans Ilan Stavans)

I dreamed of death and it was quite simple:
A silk thread enwrapped me,
And each kiss of yours
With a turn unraveled me.
And each of your kisses
Was a day;
And the time between two kisses,
A night.  Death is quite simple.
And little by little the fatal thread
Unwrapped itself.  I no longer controlled it
But for a single bit between my fingers...
Then, suddenly, you became cold,
And no longer kissed me...
I let the thread go, and my life vanished.

04 February 2014

Penelope, age 8

She watched him standing and joking
With a group of rough-looking
Boys out in the street.

She waived
And he blushed
And then they all laughed at her.

She pulled out the thread
Of her sewing, kept her
Crayons in her backpack.

She cast her eyes down
And her sadness unfastened
The stars from the sky.

The swallows fell dead to the ground. 
The sun was blotted out.
The suitors laughed more.

He turned his back on her,
A shield against the arrows
Of his shame from her bow

And she walked
On the wine-dark sea,
The sidewalk home.