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31 July 2012

Books read in July

Another month, and 15 more books down.  Expect things to come to a trickle as I make my way through the entirety of Proust.

Here's what I read in July:
Barça  by  Graham Hunter
The Mystery Guest  by  Grégoire Bouillier
The Lights of Home  by  Jason Weiss
Being Dead by  Jim Crace
Thousand Cranes  by  Yasunari Kawabata
Bad Nature, or Elvis in Mexico  by  Javier Marías
A Little History of Philosophy  by  Nigel Warburton
The Prince of Mist  by  Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Blow-up and other stories  by  Julio Cortázar
Les Miserables (stepping stones version with my daughter)
A Tale of Two Lions  by  Roberto Ransom
Bambert’s book of missing stories  by  Reinhardt
Chronicle of a Death Foretold  by  Gabriel García Márquez
Soul of the Age  by  Jonathan Bate
How to read a novel  by  John Sutherland

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