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02 October 2012

Books read in September

Another month, another 10 books.  Here they are:

Selected Prose  by  Fernando Pessoa
The Book of Embraces  by  Eduardo Galeano
Renaissance Lives  by  Theodore Rabb
The Insufferable Gaucho  by  Roberto Bolaño
Last Evenings on Earth  by  Roberto Bolaño
The Voyage to the Island of the Articoles  by  Andre Maurois
The Horses of St Marks  by  Charles Freeman
Asleep in the Sun  by  Adolfo Bioy Casares
The Ball  by  John Fox
The Cardboard House  by  Martín Adán


  1. Another nice list, Richard. Which ones stood out?

  2. Greetings Rise. In nonfiction, I enjoyed 'The Ball.' It didn't cover soccer as much as I would have liked, but the (all-too) brief section on the Mesoamerican ball game Ulama was both well-written and informative. Galeano was intriguing. In literature, I enjoyed Bolaño's 'Last evenings,' especially the short story "Enrique Martin." The biggest surprise, and in some ways my favorite of the group, was the short novel by Maurois. I read it in one sitting and then found myself going back and rereading certain sections. I bought it on a lark, didn't expect a great deal, and loved every page. I trained academically as a classicist, but the neighboring grad program in our building belonged to a lit theory group, and many of the Articoles in the novel - the people who have elevated art but dispensed with life - began to take on in my mind the form of those graduate students down the hall from whom I often heard the name 'Derrida' spoken in awed reverence.

  3. Thank you for the detailed notes, Richard. And it's great to hear about your rewarding surprise on Maurois.