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26 January 2013

1st prompt

In going to dinner with a good friend last night, I drove past the St. Louis Park treehouse, which is located not far from the restaurant we went to in uptown.  (Uptown is south and topographically lower than downtown, so I don’t know why anyone would call it uptown.) 

What is it that is so alluring about a treehouse?  Are modern “man caves” just extensions of childhood desires for treehouses, days of letting go and forgetting about the existence of time?  Do treehouses invoke literary memories, like thrilling to the adventures of the Swiss family Robinson?  Do people who live in treehouses or on stilt houses have yearnings for the more familiar house of the western world?  Are treehouses even ethical or moral in a world in which one child out of every six goes to sleep without a home every night?

Anyway, here are a few treehouses I fancy.

1 comment:

  1. I'll take either the first or last one. Or a nice shed. I'd love a writing shed.