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04 April 2013

halfway through JM


Halfway through The Infatuations (life always slows reading down), and these main thoughts are beginning to dominate. 

1.)   For the dead, the promises of the living made while the dead were alive are what matter, not the fulfillment of those promises.  What do the dead know of the world they have left behind?
2.)   A person’s existence can be reduced to its final act, if that act is absurd enough.  This was touched on in YFT as the Jayne Mansfield phenomenon.
3.)   Chance is not something that always exists, but is often nothing more than our failure to observe.  When we observe properly, we see things as inevitable. 
4.)   Those whom we still adore, and who are taken from us, are taken “a day too early,” and those we have come to despise or with whom we have become bored are taken “a day too late.”
5.)   This happens even though we have thought and proclaimed that it never could:

Now, back to it.


  1. Stayed up late last night to finish this and can assure you that I found the second half of the book much more engrossing than the first (not that the first was "bad" or anything). A hell of a writer that guy!

  2. I did think the first bit was a little slow, even for JM. Still, pretty amazing. I hope to finish up in the next few days.