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28 May 2014

a blog update

Greetings, friends. 

If you haven't yet noticed, I have been having a particularly bad year this year with the death of my mother.  Unfortunately, things aren't about to get any easier.  A few weeks back, I was diagnosed with cancer.  I plan to fight, and I plan to win.  But this is going to take a lot of my energy.  I start chemo tomorrow, and I've already shaved my head in preparation. 

I will still be trying to keep up with the read-alongs I've agreed to do with other people, but perhaps not all of my own.  Despite this misfortune, I am an incredibly lucky man.  I have a wife with whom I have been married for over twelve years and a little daughter who has completely changed my world.  They are the reason I fight.  They are the reason I'm going to triumph.  My closest friends have been wonderful in their support, as has my family.

I might start to blog more about my health and perhaps how I am using literature to get me through.

To you all, every good thing.  This is only the start of the journey.

Love and peace,

Richard Shea


  1. Good luck with your fight, Richard. Your reasons for fighting give me every expectation that you'll be successful, but best wishes to you from a fellow blogger anyway.

  2. Hoping for your rapid recovery, Richard. We're with you in this fight. Take care.