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15 August 2014

Would you like to write desccriptive paragraph?

A writing challenge for all who are so inclined: in the next day or two, observe someone - a stranger if possible - in public, describe them, what they are doing, what you think they are thinking about. Just a paragraph or two. Send it to me an email and I will put all of them on my blog without any names. It might be interesting, and being anonymous might give you a little more freedom in your writing.


  1. please enter "paragraph" as the subject.

  2. "paragraph" - this is a fantastic idea and I wish I had looked at it early this morning when you brought it to my attention -- I flew to Madison and back today, as you know, and had occasion to observe a great many people, even met a few on planes and in airports that I had extended conversations with. I would've had some good stuff! My bad. But I will definitely do this. Thank you.