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23 October 2013

The Kingdom of Redonda Read-along (ADJUSTED)

Here it is, the final schedule for the Kingdom of Redonda read-along and movie fest in 2014.  All works are the creations of members of the Court of Redonda or favorites of Javier Marías.  If you'll be joining me, please let me know.  I've never done one of these before, and I can use all the help I can get.  Cheers.

Primary book: Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee
Secondary book (extra credit): Amador by Fernando Savater
Film: The Godfather pt. 1

Primary: The Rings of Saturn by W. G. Sebald
Secondary:  Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You by Alice Munro
Film: Patience (After Sebald)

Primary: The Bad Girl by Mario Vargas Llosa
Secondary:  A Different Sea by Claudio Magris
Film: Tie Me Up, Tie me Down

Primary:  Danube by Claudio Magris
Secondary:  Inferences from a Sabre By Claudio Magris
Film: Alatriste

Primary:  My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk
Secondary:  Written Lives by Javier Marías
Film: Don’t Tempt Me

Primary:  The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco
Secondary: The Questions of Life by Fernando Savater
Film: Apocalypse Now

Primary:  Three Trapped Tigers by Guillermo Cabrera Infante
Secondary: The Flight of the Monarch by Michel Braudeau
Film: Volver

Primary: Fado Alexandrino by António Lobo Antunes
Secondary: On the Natural History of Destruction by W. G. Sebald
Film: The Skin I Live In

Primary:  City of Marvels by Eduardo Mendoza
Secondary: Letters to a Young Novelist by Mario Vargas Llosa
Film: Tetro
Secondary film (why not?) Biutiful

Primary:  Your Face Tomorrow: Fever and Spear by Javier Marías
Secondary: Cervantes by P. E. Russell (the model for Sir Peter Wheeler)
Film:  The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (a favorite for Marías)

Primary:  YFT: Dance and Dream by Javier Marías
Secondary:  The Battle for Spain (first half) by Anthony Beevor
Film:  The Chimes at Midnight (another Marías favorite)

Primary:  YFT: Poison, Shadow, and Farewell by Javier Marías
Secondary: The Battle for Spain (last half) by Anthony Beevor
Film: The Godfather pt. II


  1. The book list is a reader's reader list! I was lucky to have read 7 from here. Not likely to reread them again. But I'd like to read along with Eduardo Mendoza's book because I already have a copy. And with some others (maybe Pamuk) if I see them in local stores.

  2. Thanks, Rise. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Mendoza. I'm especially looking forward to the Magris books and the chance to watch "The Skin I Live In" again.

  3. I'll try and join you on a couple of titles over the course of the year, Richard, but I wish I'd remembered that you had Cabrera Infante on your list because I'm also hosting a readalong of that book a little later in the year--would have been nice to sync up on that one. In any event, hope you have fun with this--lots of good choices!

  4. I've adjusted to sync 'Three trapped tigers.' This should be fun, and I'll be joining you on a few of your titles as well, Richard.