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16 March 2014


The moon drags the waves away from shore
And out into the deep blue labyrinth
Before releasing them in reprieve once more
Like the discus flying toward Hyacinth.

A woman walks along the strand
Veil black and death’s black gown
Scrape behind her at the frigid sand
From weary eyes her tears pour down.

I’d like to speak to her a moment
To yell, to plead, to joke, to hear,
Perhaps to ask for some atonement
Or just for silence, to be near

And watch her as she makes her way
Her living presence, to wallow
In her departing life...O, stay!
But she goes where I cannot follow

The days and nights are longer.
The tide is out, the beach alone
And her phantom grows now stronger
I have her love, though she is gone

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