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31 August 2012

August reading list

Here are the books finished in August, putting me over 100 for the year so far.  Record pace.

A Wicked Company  by  Philipp Blom
Javier Marías’s Debt to Translation  by  Gareth Wood
Deceit, Desire, and the Novel  by  René Girard
In Her Absence  by  Antonio Muñoz Molina
The Body Artist  by  Don DeLillo
Love Songs of the New Kingdom  by  J.L. Foster
The Duck that Won the Lottery  by  Julian Baggini
Swann’s Way  by  Marcel Proust
Monsieur Pain  by Roberto Bolaño
On Elegance While Sleeping  by  Emilio Lascano
A little Larger than the Entire Universe  by  Fernando Pessoa
The Following Story  by  Cees Nooteboom
Paintings in Proust by Eric Karpeles
Lady Chatterley’s Brother by Esposito and Hathcock


  1. A wonderful month, Rise. Any suggestions for further reading?

  2. This list of a proposed canon of postwar European lit seems a good one. The 70 titles are in German. I'm compiling a list of English translations (if available).

  3. Of course, it's in German. Thanks for the list. Some pretty great stuff on there.