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17 August 2012

Proust Postponement


So, I had planned on reading all of Proust in the next few months, but then I discovered that 2013 is the Year of Reading Proust, so I am considering stopping after “Swann’s Way” and finishing the year with another monster of world literature, the "Man without Qualities.I’m nearly done with “Swann,” and am both exhausted and refreshed, if such things are possible.  I’ll have to ponder this.


  1. I don't think you can lose with either of those choices! Having said that, I've found it a bit of a struggle to just plow through Proust for some reason--maybe because he requires too much concentration at times, I'm not sure, but he's worth savoring for sure.

  2. "Swann" was one of the best reading experiences of my life, but I found it impossible to read without complete concentration. Having a five year old daughter, a new puppy, and a fairly active life, I found complete concentration to be in short supply.