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29 June 2014

chasing a dream

As night broke into pieces, I had a beautiful dream,
a thought which fled me like a deer
frightened by the smell and sound of people.

I chased the dream into the woods,
the trees growing thicker and larger
the deeper in I gave chase to the creature

Until the beautiful dream was gone
and I was surrounded by leaves
and tall, scornful grass, and bemused bushes.

My heart grew cold and I shook
as I heard branches crack and the birds
stop chirping as some unknown animal stirred.

A hunter perhaps? I crept slowly back
the way I had come, back to the growing light
of the white and rescuing morning sun.

Back to the start of the chase of the dream,
a dream with features as obscure
and anonymous as any wild deer. 

R. R. Shea

1 comment:

  1. dude ... you've been guilty of some very lovely productions lately, keep 'em coming. A depth of vision, a congenial union of narrative and imagery. I sincerely hope we can get together to discuss sometime soon.