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07 June 2014

Listening to the rain

Let's stay in bed
all day and night
and listen to the rain tap out
the confessions of the
restless men and women
in some faraway city,

Raindrops like a telegraph,
hesitating watery caresses
against the window,
a morse code of the cosmos,

let us listen
before we close the curtain
and kiss each other
and laugh and whisper
our own secrets,
drifting into sleep and dreams,

as our sweet nothings
are absorbed by
the passing clouds and fall
as snow in colder lands.

R. R. Shea

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, and especially appreciated by one who has recently done a lot of rain listening while lying in bed. In fact, I even recorded a couple hours worth of its sounds while lying and listening in Austin on a recent vacation. 'morse code of the cosmos' is wonderful, although Mr. Morse might insist his name be capitalized :-)