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20 June 2014

cycle of the poets

The sun and soft breezes inspire gentle thoughts
and poetic musings for weekend scriveners,

              storms and mud and lashing rain
uncover our true humanity and our lives.

Floods and thunder churn up reality,
expose the deep roots of suffering and living,
and drag poetic wanderings back down
into the primeval muck of creation and the life
of this world, the breeding ground where nature
has her dark victory and humanity begins again.

The filth, rushing water, and strife of this life
make artistic fancies gestate once again.
Nothing is unchanged and all things bloom in death.
Struggle conquers daydream, dreams are changed,

                               then the clouds pass, the sun returns,
and newly evolved poetic dreams take flight once again in the cycle
of creation, the cycle of the living, the cycle of the poets.

R.R. Shea

1 comment:

  1. Inspired by the climatic conditions with which you find yourself surrounded perhaps?